History of the Kin Club of Cambridge (Preston) Inc.

1920        The first Kinsmen club was formed in Hamilton Ontario by Harold (Founder Hal) Rogers.

1944        The Kinsmen Club of Preston was chartered.

1944        The Kinette Club of Preston was chartered.

1945        The clubs held a fundraising dance for the Milk for Britain campaign.car auction

1950        Club held a raffle for a 1950 Ford.

1951        First annual Kin Carnival was held in the Preston Arena.

1951        First Dream Home Lottery, featuring a house on Coronation Blvd.

1961        Club commits $60,000 to build the Kinsmen pool in Riverside Park.

1965        Kinsmen pool opens.

1967        As part of the Canada Centennial Year celebration, the clubs ran Calypso Days, which included bringing 60 performers from Jamaica, as well as a parade and a calypso show on July 1st.

1969        Kinsmen Day Care Centre opened on Shuttlestone Drive.

1970        Riverside Park “Kin Korner” playground equipment donated.

1970        Dumfries Park playground equipment donated.

1972        Funded “SCARF” Arena fire rebuilding project.

1974        Donated a new ambulance to St John Corps.

1975        Funded Central Park pavilion project.

1975        Donated $30,000 to GRCA to develop Hilborn Park.

1976        Made a successful bid with the Galt Kinsmen Club to have the Kin National Headquarters built in Riverside Park.

1977        Donated a handicap van to the Cambridge Capables.

1982        Funded the Cambridge Kips Gymnastic Centre.

1983        Donated a new Ford handicap van to the Cambridge Capables.

1984        Second Dream Home Lottery held.

1985        Sponsored Rick Hansen Tour Stopover and celebrations.

1986        Third Dream Home Lottery held.

1990        Kinsmen Splash Pad opens in Riverside Park.

1991        Kin Centre funded and opened, providing space for our rental hall and for the Preston Figure Skating Club.

1992        Sponsored Proud to Be Canadian Cross Canada Tour stopover and celebrations.

1992        Built a replica of the Kin Centre at the Children’s Safety Village.

1994        Founder Hal Rogers died.

1994        Contributed $50,000 for the new Chaplin Family YMCA Aquatic Pool.

1997        Rock Kin Roll Revival developed.

1998        First annual Snow Golf Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser held.

1999        Donated $19,068 for a defibrillator for the Cambridge Fire Department.

2008        Portraits of Honour mural project and cross-Canada tour.

2008        New Kinsmen Day Care Centre opens on Speedsville Road.

2016        The Kinsmen and the Kinette Clubs of Preston merged to form the new Kin Club of Cambridge (Preston) Inc.

2017        67th Annual Kin Carnival will be held the last weekend of May in Riverside Park