Volunteers & Students

Volunteer information night on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Kin Carnival is a true family event – both for our patrons and our volunteers. A number of our Kin Kids can be found working alongside their parents and grandparents all weekend long.

kin kids at carnival
Kin Kids working hard!

High School students who need to meet their volunteer hour requirements for school are welcome to join us as “carnival staff”. We would be more than happy to sign off for any hours that they are able to work. Students could achieve their full 40 hours, or any part needed, of volunteerism by helping with set up of the Kin booths on Tuesday and Wednesday, acting as “carnies” in helping to run the booths during carnival and helping with teardown on Sunday night.

for more information call the Cambridge Kin at (519) 653-4420 or e-mail: amhelm2786@gmail.com